Advanced Cancer Protocol

Advanced Cancer Protocols

Many of you that have found your way into this web page are looking for some answers to advanced cancer,
either for yourself or a loved one. I hope you will find the following information to be of use in your research.

Dr William Kelley who cured himself of advanced Pancreatic and Liver Cancer has probably said it best: “If
a person has a 6 month life expectancy and 50% function of their major organs, their prognosis for recovery
from cancer is good”. This is not to say that others have no chance, but is to be used only as a
generalization. Many people have been at deaths door and by providing their bodies the right combination
of nutrients have had good success in reversing their cancers.

There are a number of places in the world where the incidence of cancer is very low or non-existent. In these
parts of the world high levels of strong alkaline minerals have been found in their water. The Hopi Indians of
Northeastern Arizona have water that contains the minerals rubidium and potassium, while the Hunzas of
Northern Pakistan have water that is high in cesium and potassium. The Hopis and Hunzas do not develop
cancer, unless they move away from their homeland. One other thing of interest, both cultures diet include
apricots of which they break open the pit inside the apricot and consume the kernel. The kernels contain
(laetrile commonly referred to as vitamin B-17).

Information has also been collected in these low incidence areas in regards to the chemical composition of
their food. These foods were not only found to contain the supportive compounds of Vitamin C, Vitamin A,
Zinc and Selenium, but also a very high content of the mineral cesium. It appears by this information that
these two cultures consume a very alkaline diet from their water and food, which appears to prevent cancer
and other disease. Remember almost all chronic disease is caused by an over abundance of acid, and
acid is neutralized by alkalinity.

Before I get into the Advanced Protocol for Cancer, one has to understand a few basic principles of what’s
actually taking place inside the cells of their body, which allows the cells to mutate into cancer and other
disease. By understanding how you get cancer, then you will understand what you’re attempting to do with
the advanced protocol. You will then understand why cancer and other disease can be reversed, if you have
enough time, and your body is not too badly damaged from the disease or conventional medical treatments.

In 1932 Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his discovery that cancer was anaerobic;
cancer occurs in the absence of free oxygen. Dr Warburg found (when he lowered the oxygen levels of
tissues by 35% for 48 hours, normal cells were converted into irreversible cancer cells).
It has been found that alkaline tissue holds twenty times more oxygen than acidic tissue, and this oxygen rich
environment is critical for maintaining health. When your body becomes to acidic the acid is driving oxygen
from the tissues and cells of your body.  

We have approximately 75 trillion cells in our bodies and receive about 500 million new cells each day.
Each of the cells in our bodies are attacked approximately ten thousand times daily by free radicals, which
are toxic substances and carcinogens attempting to change and mutate the cells. In an acidic body, free
radicals attack our cells damaging the outer lining membrane of the cell, causing it to function abnormally, by
failing to permit oxygen to enter. In the absence of oxygen, glucose in the cell under goes fermentation to
create lactic acid. This lactic acid in the cell causes a decline of PH, dropping the PH of a normal cell from a
healthy range of 7.3 to as low as 4.5 to 5.0.

Keeping a proper PH is critical for our bodies to create healthy new cells. The average persons body
produces between 1,000 to 10,000 new cancer cells daily which are held in check by our immune systems.
In the natural course of one’s lifetime, millions of cancer cells develop and are harmlessly digested and
eliminated by the immune system. Cancer cells are an everyday part of our lives, but when our bodies
become to acidic, the lactic acid produced by fermentation damage the proper DNA formation. This in turn
damages the messenger RNA, so that the ability of the cell to control its growth is lacking. Rapid and
uncontrolled cancer cell growth and division occur. The cancer cells begin to multiply unchecked in the
absence of oxygen. These cells are now anaerobic and sustain themselves, converting glucose by
fermentation.  The lactic acid created by this fermentation simultaneously causes intense local pain. This is
why it is critical to keep the inner terrain of our bodies in balance. A persons PH fluctuates constantly based
on your diet, foods and drinks consumed. Most every cancer patient tested will show a PH of 4.5 to 5 and
most diabetics a PH of 5.5, most anyone with a chronic disease will find their PH, in this range this is very
acidic! Low oxygen equals the perfect environment for cancer and other disease.

One of the best ways to get a fairly accurate reading of one’s tissue PH is to pass a litmus paper through a
urine stream first thing in the morning before consuming any food or drink. A normal urinary PH reading
should be around 6.4.

One can also check the PH of their saliva. Saliva should be slightly more alkaline than that of urine. A healthy
PH for saliva should be around 7.3. A person should check their PH for (3) consecutive days in order to get
an idea of their average reading. If a person finds they have a low PH it is a very good indication of a
possible impending chronic disease developing.

The best way to raise your PH is to stop consuming things that raise the acid levels in the body. People that
drink large quantities of soda pop and beer are usually very acidic and are magnets for chronic disease and
cancer. Shifting ones body from acidic to alkaline will usually take from 3 to 4 months; cancer cells live in an
acidic environment but perish in an alkaline, high PH, environment.

In the case of advanced cancers, stage III and stage IV there are several protocols that appear to be very
effective in killing cancer cells.

Cesium High PH Therapy appears to be one of the best protocols for killing cancer cells. The development
of the High pH Cancer Therapy using Cesium appears to be the theory of Aubrey Keith Brewer, Ph.D. The
development of his theory grew out of his understanding of the physics of the cell membrane. See
www. Cesium is a natural occurring alkaline element, which has been shown to
effect cancer cells in several ways. First cesium limits the cellular uptake of the nutrient glucose – starving
the cancer cell and diminishing the fermentation. Second when cesium is taken orally it raises the PH of
cancer cells but not that of normal cells. When the PH of cancer cells reaches 7.6 the cancer cell division will
stop. When the PH range of 8.0 - 8.5 is attained the cancer cells begin dying within hours and within a few
days the dead cells are absorbed and eliminated by the body. One of the most striking effects of this
treatment was the disappearance of pain in most cancer patients within 12 to 36 hours after starting the
Cesium Therapy. Cesium appears to neutralize the lactic acid responsible for  the pain.   
In his publication, Cesium Therapy in Cancer Patients, Dr Sartori describes the treatment of 50 last stage
metastasized, terminal cancer patients using cesium chloride. Cesium chloride was given in 3 equal
divided doses of 6 to 9 grams daily along with supplemental vitamins and a change of diet. Three of these
patients were comatose, ten had breast cancer, nine had colon cancer, six with prostrate cancer, 4 had
pancreatic cancer, five had lung cancer, three had liver cancer, three had lymphoma, one had Ewing
sarcoma pelvis, one had adenocarcinoma cancer, and eight had unknown primary cancers. With all 50
patients conventional treatment had failed and the patients had been sent home to die. All were expected to
die within a short period of time with their conditions being hopeless. After the first 24 to 72 hours on the
cesium protocol, the pain disappeared in all of the patients. After 2 weeks, 13 died with autopsies showing
reduction in tumor mass size. After 1 year, 12 more had died but (25) or an astounding 50% survived. One
patient of particular interest was a comatose woman with breast cancer who received the cesium therapy
through her feeding tube. She received ten grams of cesium chloride three times daily and left the hospital 5
days latter. Unfortunately at the time of her release from the hospital, it was not known that her hip had been
completely replaced by tumor tissue that disappeared with therapy, having no boney tissue to support her
weight she fell at home fracturing her neck resulting in death. The autopsy revealed no hip bone and only
very small amounts of cancer tissue. This is a spectacular therapeutic result, despite the tragic death.
Please see Dr Howenstine’s excellent article on Use Of Cesium Chloride To Cure Malignancies in the link

The above information appears to be one of the best alternative cancer treatments I have come across. If a
person is going to consider using this treatment it’s best you work with your doctor, as your blood work will
have to be monitored.

I presently have two friends that have used the nutritional and cesium protocol. Greg was diagnosed with
adenocarcinoma stage III-B Lung Cancer February 14, 2002, and was set to go in for chemotherapy and
radiation treatments. His oncologist told Greg that with the combination of the two treatments there would be
about an 80% chance of a response to this type of cancer. Greg and his wife Gwen were thinking that this
was the cure rate and did not perceive the difference between cure and response.  They later learned that
chemotherapy and radiation will often times cause a temporary shrinkage in a malignant tumor.  This
temporary shrinkage of the malignant tumor is only the response by the cancer to the treatment and not a
cure, because it’s not permanent.   The vast majority of the time the cancer re-continues its growth.  Upon
further questioning they found out that Greg’s chance of survival or cure was less than 1%.  In the exact
words of the cancer clinic they said,   “As far as your chances for survival you need a miracle.”  The hope of
the oncologist was that with treatments of chemotherapy and radiation Greg’s life might be prolonged an
additional six months with no real hope of long-term survival.  Greg said he read the book Questioning
Chemotherapy by Ralph Moss, PhD the weekend before going in for the treatments.  Ralph Moss pointed
out in the book that quality of life and the side effects of the treatments would be terrible.  Greg said he
advised the oncologist that he was declining the treatments and started on the alternative program of
Cesium High PH Therapy and Nutritional Supplementation. In Greg’s case it appears that this was the best
decision he has ever made concerning his treatment, as this February it will have been 3 years since his
cancer diagnosis.

In July of 2003 my friend David had a lump in his jaw, which was diagnosed by an ENT (ear, nose & throat)
doctor as Squamous Cell cancer head and neck Stage IV. This is a cancer of the tissue lining. David was
referred to a local hospital for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The doctors advised him that the
cure rate was 40 to 50 percent. On August 5, 2003 all of David’s teeth had to be removed so radiation
treatments could be given to his jaw and throat area. On August 21, 2003 a temporary feeding tube was
placed in his stomach. On August 25, 2003 David began the first of 42 radiation treatments and the first of 3
chemotherapy treatments. The treatments ended October 7, 2003.  David noted that he lost 26 pounds and
suffered radiation burns to his tongue and throat. He was told the side effects of the treatments would be
temporary but that the treatments ultimately resulted in Radiation Fibrosis (scar tissue) causing the tongue
to shrink, a dry mouth (little to no saliva) and being unable to swallow anything thicker than water were
unfortunately permanent. David says that it appears he may have the feeding tube indefinitely.

Three months after the treatments ended a routine follow up PET scan was performed on David 1/17/2004
and he was found to have a small spot in his lymph node in the area on the Aortal Arch revealing a SUV
value (metabolism) of two on the scan. He was told this was nothing to be concerned with. The doctors did
another pet scan 90 days latter and this scan produced an SUV of three and again the doctor was not
concerned. In July 2004 another pet scan was conducted and found the SUV 11.7 and a needle biopsy was
ordered and performed. On August 6, 2004 David met with his oncologist and she confirmed again,
Squamous Cell Cancer and advised him there was no more she could do. David, she told him, “I could give
you more chemotherapy, but it would only make you feel bad”. She told him there is no cure, but if he wanted
she would refer the case file to a cancer hospital in Houston, Texas for a second opinion.

David said on August 14, 2004 he then decided to use the alternative program starting with Nutritional first.
Near the end of August David flew to the cancer hospital in Houston Texas where he was told they could
make his spot of cancer go away with further chemotherapy and a new protocol. David said he asked them,
“If I go through this new protocol is the cancer going to come back in 6 months in another spot?” He said
they told him that there is no cure and it very well could. David then declined the treatments as he felt he had
already been damaged bad enough. David then returned home and continued his nutritional program for 3
to 4 weeks before adding the Cesium High PH Therapy and then continued using the two programs
together. On December 7, 2004 another pet scan was performed and the SUV had diminished from 11.7 to
11.5. It appears David is doing very well at this time and continues to rebuild himself. David has gained
back 16 of the 26 pounds he had lost since the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. He has not been
sick in the past year and has not missed any work other than for the occasional doctors appointments. He
continues to play golf as often as he can. All is looking well for David except for the damage he suffered
from the orthodox medical treatments. David added one final thought. “Had I known or been advised by the
doctors that these treatments could cause permanent irreversible damage I would not have consented to
them”. If you have questions for David, he can be reached at his email address

The dosage of Cesium recommended to take appears to very? Dr Sartori, in his study mentioned above,
gave each of his terminal patients 3 equally divided doses of cesium, 6 to 9 grams daily. This would be 2 or
3 grams three times a day. He recommended that when there were no further signs of cancer to reduce the
dose to .5 or 1 gram daily. In the comatose patient he used 10 grams of cesium three times daily. She left
the hospital 5 days latter. Remember, this is not the only supplementation Dr Santori gave these patients. Dr
Sartori also commented that he believed larger doses of cesium might be more effective than lower doses,
not to exceed 20 to 40 grams daily. The minimum dose of cesium a person can take on the protocol
appears to be 3 grams daily.  A word of warning here is that Cesium appears to deplete the body of
Potassium and one must not take Cesium without taking Potassium. The cesium to potassium ratio
appears to be 1 to 1 but there is no set rule. A person using Dr Sartori’s Cesium High PH Therapy must
have their blood work monitored by their doctor closely.

The Cesium High PH program that Greg and David both used was the minimum protocol of 3 grams daily.
Dosage as follows:

1.        (1) Tablespoon of cesium in the morning with food and (1) tablespoon in the evening with food.
2.        (1) Tablespoon of potassium in the morning with food and (1) tablespoon in the evening with food.

Remember one must take an equal amount of potassium to cesium. Greg and David would take the liquid
cesium and potassium combinations for 7 days and then stop the cesium for 3 days, still taking the
potassium.  Rapidly dying cancer cells release toxins into the body and many times it’s not the cancer that
kills a person, but the toxins. Greg and David believed by stopping the cesium for 3 days this gave their
bodies time to detoxify the dead cancer cells, making it easier on the internal organs of their body to filter
and remove the toxins. They compared this to killing weeds in a yard. Spray, let the weeds die, and spray
again. Both pointed out that if a person becomes very ill they may want to stop the cesium for 5 days to let
their body detoxify, recover, and then start again. If they become too ill, they may have to stop the cesium
protocol entirely as their body has reached the cesium saturation level, and continue with the nutritional

Greg and David believe that when using the three grams of cesium and potassium protocol daily, it would
be best if a person could stay on the program for 60 to 90 days if possible. They also pointed out that not
everyone could handle this due to the possible side effects. Greg and David indicated if a person was on
the higher dosage of cesium, 6-9 grams daily or greater, they are going to find the cesium saturation level
coming much quicker. They both indicated that at this dosage level a person might not even make it to 30
days before having to stop the protocol completely. The cesium will still be in the body for months killing
cancer cells.  David offered his own scenario. If he had chosen the higher dosage of the cesium and
potassium, he would have taken it until he felt the ill effects, and then stopped for three to five days. He
stated that he would have then started back at the 3 grams daily with seven days on and three days off as he
did prior. The common side effects are listed below.

Numbness in the face and mouth area
Having to go to the bathroom a great deal
Possible nausea and diarrhea
Itching of the arms and back
Sweating in the sun causing itching of the scalp
Drying and cracking of the fingertips

David also pointed out when taking the cesium chloride that he used DMSO Gel containing Aloe Vera
rubbing a small amount about the size of a silver dollar on his upper chest in the area of the cancer mass.
David said he believed this to help drive the cesium chloride deep into the cancer mass enhancing the
cesium protocol. Dr Sartori’s use of Cesium High PH Therapy to treat the terminal cancer patients also
indicated the use of Liquid DMSO. For an excellent book on DMSO and its uses, see DMSO Nature’s
Healer by Dr Morton Walker.

For safety issues dealing with DMSO see

One other note of interest; In looking at Dr Sartori’s study and talking with Greg and David in regards to fast
growing cancer tumors, Brain, Liver and Pancreatic Cancer, it appears one may have to take an even more
aggressive approach.  They both felt that taking 6 grams or greater daily of the Liquid Cesium Chloride may
be a good idea. It appears the amount of cesium and potassium to take would vary on an individual basis
depending on the severity of the cancer and the time frame you have to work in. An example of taking 6
grams of cesium and 6 grams of potassium would be as follows. One would take 2 grams of cesium and 2
grams of potassium at each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This would equal 6 grams daily. Remember
cesium and potassium need to be taken on a ratio of 1:1. It appears the shorter the time frame the higher
the recommended dosage.  One may also want to take 1/2 teaspoon of Liquid DMSO with the cesium at
each meal. DMSO would only be taken when consuming the cesium. It appears Dr Santori used the DMSO
to carry the cesium and drive it deep into the cancer cells making the treatment more effective.

My friend Angela’s husband, Todd, came down with a fast growing malignant brain tumor and started using
the nutritional protocol along with the 6 grams of cesium and potassium daily. There was some question if
the DMSO could carry the cesium across the blood brain barrier to affect the brain tumor. Todd chose to
use one teaspoon of DMSO each time he consumed the cesium and potassium. The first time I saw Todd
prior to starting the protocol, Todd’s face and head appeared to be swollen severely and eyes bulging from
their sockets. He also had a large red streak down the right side of his face and was about 50% coherent.
This was apparently from the brain tumor and a recent operation to relieve the pressure on his brain. His
doctor told him the brain tumor was inoperable. He would first lose his peripheral vision, and then go blind,
followed by death. In a little over two weeks after starting the program Todd and his wife stopped by the
house to visit. The improvement in Todd’s appearance was unbelievable. You would not have believed you
were looking at the same person. Todd sat down and told us that the DMSO was carrying the Cesium and
Potassium into the brain tumor. When asked how he knew this Todd said the tumor was in contact with the
optic nerve of his left eye and about 15 minutes after taking the combination his left eye would start blurring.  
He said he could actually feel it working on the tumor.

Unfortunately for Todd his case ends in tragedy. Due to pressure from his mother insisting that he follow
conventional medical treatments, she paid their way to a cancer hospital in Houston Texas. Against his wife’
s wishes for him to continue to follow the alternative treatment program, Todd and his mother choose
surgery. The surgeons were unable to completely remove the malignant brain tumor and the tumor grew
back larger than before. Todd was transferred back to Kansas City where he under went chemotherapy and
radiation. It appears ultimately the treatments resulted in a stroke. Todd has been confined to a bed since
the treatments with severe brain damage. For his birthday he was given 3 Tickle Me Elmo Dolls.   

In conclusion it appears the Cesium High PH Therapy and Nutritional Supplementation work very well
together. A friend of mine recently referred to the naturally occurring mineral cesium as God’s
Chemotherapy. His dad had used it for bone cancer with good results. Many people who have completed
the cesium protocol and who have their cancer under control have found the malignancy to return if they did
not maintain a good diet and nutritional supplements. A person must maintain a good diet and a
maintenance level of a nutritional supplementation program. This is a lifetime commitment.

Cesium and potassium can be ordered from:

DMSO liquid and gel can be ordered from:

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