Exodus 23:25 Worship the Lord your God, and
his blessings will be on your food and water. I
will take away sickness from among you.
My Story

I would like to welcome you to my web site.

The following information that I’m going to provide you with is the
program I used to rebuild my body when I became health
challenged.  I watched my mother, father, and two grandmothers
die from cancer. They were treated with chemotherapy, radiation
and surgery, after which the cancer returned. Over time I
watched their quality of life deteriorate, not only from the
disease, but especially from the treatments. In all their cases I
believe the treatments actually shortened their lives.

When I became health challenged in December of 2001 I knew
that I was not going down the same road as my family. I was 49
years old at that time and was going to approach my health
issues by taking a totally different road.  I was going to rebuild
my body differently and that did not include chemotherapy,
radiation or surgery. I had heard through my church about Dr.
Lorraine Day MD who had several tapes on curing disease
naturally without the use of toxic drugs. She had cured herself of
stage 4 invasive breast cancer. I ordered two of the tapes from
her web site. The tapes I ordered were Cancer Doesn't Scare
Me Anymore and You Can’t Improve on God. Upon sitting down
with my husband and watching these tapes our lives changed
forever. This began the next three years and thousands of hours
of secondary research to fully understand why this program had
worked so well for Dr. Day. We believe we now have the
answer. Dr Day’s tapes provided me with a better understanding
of what takes place inside the conventional medical system.
The next decision I made was the hardest one I have ever made
in my life. I knew if I wanted to get well, I would have to take
responsibility for my own health. I made the decision to follow in
Dr Day’s footsteps. In her tape, Cancer Doesn't Scare Me
Anymore, Dr Day pointed out that there have been no cures for
any chronic disease the past 50 years. She said drugs don’t
cure disease, they only treat symptoms. She said the drugs
cover up the symptoms of disease and the body continues to
deteriorate. Doctor Day pointed out that the most important thing
a person must do if they want to reverse disease, most any
disease, is a dramatic change in diet and lifestyle. This is,
without question, a must.

The first step I took was a diet and lifestyle change.  Dr Day
made it perfectly clear that if anyone suffers from a chronic or
terminal disease and is not willing to do this, they will fail in
rebuilding their health. I immediately changed over to a
vegetarian diet and stopped the consumption of all sugar, candy,
artificial sweeteners, coke, diet coke, cookies, pies, and cakes. I
also stopped eating all products made with white flower and
stopped the consumption of all dairy products, except as noted.
Dairy products have been found to contain growth hormones,
antibiotics and pesticides.

All the products I mentioned above directly affect the
acid/alkaline balance of the body by flooding the cells of our
body with acid. Many researchers believe that acid is the
underlying cause of most chronic disease. Acid pushes the
oxygen from the cells of our body causing the cells to become
anaerobic. These anaerobic cells feed off acid, sugar, glucose
and fermentation. This creates an ideal condition in our bodies
for the development of bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold. The
cells then mutate and change creating chronic disease.

I knew, I must get my body back to an alkaline state and by
raising the alkalinity of my body, this would force oxygen back
into my cells and tissues. This in-turn results in the changing of
cells back to an aerobic (oxygen burning) state. I knew by
providing my body the proper nutrition, my body could then heal
itself naturally.

Another very important point needs to be addressed here and
that is the consumption of meat. Eating meat creates acid and
acid feeds cancer and other disease. Meat has been found to
contain growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Many of the
articles I read indicated that anyone with cancer or other chronic
disease should stay away from eating meat. The research
information indicated that meat requires too many enzymes for
digestion. These enzymes are created by your pancreas and
must be kept available by the body, not only for digestion of
food, but to dissolve any cancer masses or tumors that are
growing. The research also indicated that supplementation of
enzymes are absolutely essential for fighting cancer and other
chronic disease. Since digestion of meat requires too many
enzymes, I stayed off meat for a little over one year and returned
to eating only small portions of chicken and turkey.
In the John Barron Report, John states “Your digestive system,
immune system, blood stream, liver, kidneys, spleen, and
pancreas, as well as your ability to see, think, feel and breathe,
all depend on enzymes”. For more information on the importance
of enzymes, see my protocol.

Dr Day’s tapes do a pretty good job of explaining the diet and
lifestyle changes needed to prevent and reverse disease. I also
used the diet and lifestyle changes from Hallelujah Acres to
compliment Dr Day’s program. I found both programs to be
extremely effective in rebuilding my health.

Many years later as our research has continued to progress here
in 2009, my husband Michael, who is an avid alternative
researcher for cancer and chronic diseases, and member of the
board of directors of the Independent Cancer Research
Foundation, brought to my attention some information on an
alternative cancer protocol, called the Budwig Diet. This protocol
uses Organic Cottage Cheese combined with Flax Seed Oil and
is a very, very powerful alternative cancer protocol. The Budwig
Diet has been known to put people with cancer, chronic and
terminal diseases into remission when they were within days or
weeks of dying. It does involve more than just flax oil and cottage

Back in 2001 when I first started putting together my
cancer protocol, had I known about this cancer diet, I would have
started on it immediately. For more information on this cancer
protocol, click on the tab Budwig Diet for the science behind the

Another area of our recent research, is a very powerful
nutritional supplement called Cellect. My husband has
researched this protocol in detail, and found Cellect to be very
effective in getting cancer and other chronic diseases into
remission as well.  Michael has put together an alternative
cancer protocol, called the Cellect/Budwig Protocol.
This can be found at
This protocol, also combines several other alternative cancer
protocols along with the Cellect/Budwig, making it presently one
of the top alternative cancer protocols in the world. This is
presently the cancer protocol I would use today, if I believed I
had any type of cancer, chronic or terminal disease.   

Please see the section titled My Protocol which details step by
step the complete program and nutritional supplementation I
used to rebuild my body, when I originally became health
challenged. I believe the information I have provide in my
website is a very powerful protocol for anyone suffering from
chronic health problems.     

See the Products Section for information on how and where to
order these products.

I believe the information that I have provided you, in my website
would be effective for healing my body from most any disease.
The success of the protocols talked about would depend on
how badly my body had been damaged by the disease or
conventional medical treatments.
This is strictly my opinion.

In the event you have any questions you may email me at
cvrentas@kc.rr.com or my husband Michael at


Cherie Vrentas

Disclaimer: The above protocol is for informational purposes only. The entire
content of my website is based on my opinion and research, unless otherwise
noted. In the event you choose this or a similar protocol you may want to talk to
your doctor or qualified health care professional first. The information I have
provided in my website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information and
is not intended, as medical advice. I would encourage you to make your own
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Cherie Vrentas
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