MSM & Vitamin C:

I’m always being asked by people “ since you do so much research, what products do you take each day and why?”
I thought I would share some information with you about 2 products I take daily. If you feel that any information I may
provide, may help a chronic condition you may have, I would suggest you research it thoroughly and make your own
decision if you should take it or not. I am passing on information that is on the Internet and from books I’ve read and
tapes I’ve listened to. You could always ask your doctor for his advise. Don’t be surprised if he knows nothing about
it. Read and educate yourself. Then you can make an educated decision on your own health.    

I will start today by talking about the above two products MSM and Vitamin C. When taken together they appear to
help a multitude of chronic health problems as well as helping relieve “chronic pain”. If you suffer with chronic pain,
you will love MSM. I know, I suffer every day from herniated disks in my back and the relief I get is tremendous.  
MSM inhibits muscle spasms and increases blood flow.
Remember though, not every one can always be helped by every supplement. It may work on one person and not
another. Give it time and let it build up in your system. It may work within a day or two, or it may take 3-6 months.

For “pain” and “nutritional support” I take (3) MSM 1000mg tablets each day, one at each meal. I also take 1000 mg
Vitamin C daily.
When I’m really hurting I double the dose of MSM on myself, until I get my back pain under control. Sometimes I will
add in 800mg of Advil. MSM is great stuff and very inexpensive.  MSM cost about $15.00 for a bottle of 1000 mg

MSM is no more toxic than water according to the research I have read. I use the MSM Tablets as I hear the MSM
powder taste terrible unless mixed in juice.     

MSM originates in the ocean and reaches the Human Food Chain through rainfall. It is a natural sulfur compound
“found in all living things.” MSM is Nutritional Sulfur and is one of the prominent compounds found in our bodies, just
behind water and sodium. You will here people say they are allergic to sulfur, and they are, “chemical sulfurs” found
in sulfas, sulfides and sulfates. Chemical Sulfurs and Nutritional Sulfurs are as different as water and gold.

MSM is the flexible bond between Proteins. When old cells die and new cells are formed they need the flexible bond
MSM provides, for the skin to bend. Without it you get wrinkles, cracking skin, scar tissue, hardening of arteries and
Emphysema. They are all Vitamin C and MSM related. You need lots of Vitamin C to build the new flesh.  A
deficiency in Vitamin C & MSM leads to strokes, heart attacks, varicose veins, spider veins, chronic nosebleeds,
bruising, weak veins and arteries. MSM plays a major roll in “healthy body functions”.  

MSM is needed by the body for healthy connective tissues, and joint function, proper enzyme activity, and hormone
balance, along with proper function of the Immune System. Simply put, if your immune system is not functioning
properly it may lack MSM.  Remember there are many things that can contribute to an improperly functioning
Immune System.

It has been found through supplementation, that MSM improves many health problems. Here are just a few where
MSM has been found to be very effective: Allergies “Pollen & Pet”, Food Allergies, Asthma, Emphysema, Lung
Dysfunction, Migraine Headaches, Sinusitis, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Skin Problems, Carpel Tunnel
Syndrome, Diabetes, Cancer, Lupus, Interstitial Cystitis, Scleroderma, Stomach & Digestive Track Problems,
Diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Heart Burn, Hyperacidity, Circulation, Cell Osmosis & Absorption.

For Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Skin Problems & Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, you well find that adding MSM Lotion
also works well. Just rub the lotion into the affected area. You must still use the MSM & Vitamin C. These products
are very effective for the above diseases.

A few extra benefits of MSM:
Relief of constipation
Lessening of scar tissue
Softer skin
Stronger thicker hair, grows faster and stops split ends
Fingernails grow twice as fast and are less brittle
More energy

Have you ever taken an Aloe Vera Leaf broken it open and put it on a burn or blister? That’s MSM you’re using.

Have you seen people with red-welted skin who itch a lot or have leathery skin, which splits, cracks or bleeds? That’
s an MSM deficiency.  Keloid Scars are a lack of MSM.

Have you ever seen a bird in a cage, which pulled all its feathers out? That’s an MSM deficiency. Birds in the wild
will not do that. Adding MSM to their water will stop the problem.

Vitamin C when taken with MSM helps build strong and thick veins and arteries.

Emphysema occurs when you lose the flexibility in your lungs. MSM and Vitamin C provide the increased oxygen to
the membranes faster and easier. Many times you will get immediate relief. These products appear to help repair
the lungs giving back the flexibility. Many people have found that in as little as a week they were off their oxygen
and were able to start walking outside, up to a half mile. Within 3 months many were back to work at desk jobs. It
has been found to take up to 2 years to get the old cells to die off and new cells to take their place. For this to
happen you cannot hit and miss on taking the products. You must take it regular. Remember again that not every
product will work for every person, but It’s worth the try.

Burns: People who have been burned bad, and have had skin grafted, have found great relief with the MSM, MSM
Lotion & Vitamin C. It helps build new blood vessels, collagen and flesh under the grafted skin, new skin color as
well as increasing mobility. In some cases you will no longer be able to feel the demarcation line. It’s worth a try.
Remember it takes time.

Diverticulitis is a Vitamin C & MSM deficiency. Take it, and it should correct the problem.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: In some cases MSM Lotion has gotten rid of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in as little as (2)
weeks time. Take all 3 products though.

Hang Overs: MSM and Vitamin C will kick a hang over in 20-30 minutes. MSM makes the cell so permeable that it
kicks the alcohol out of the cell its killing, and drives oxygen back into the cell. I have seen it work on 2 different
people. Works very well. They ask me not to use their names. One is on this Email list. Right Chris?

Women and their monthly cycle. MSM and Vitamin C helps alleviate the pain associated with a monthly cycle by
helping the glands work properly. This in turn helps dramatically easing the pain of headaches, cramps, nausea
and heat flashes. It’s worth a try it might help.

Migraine Headaches: I have read that people who have suffered for years with migraine & chronic headaches have
gotten real relief from MSM & Vitamin C even to the point of curing the migraine part. I suffered dearly for many
years from them, even ending up in the hospital many times for the shots. I beat the problem with nutritional
supplements before I knew about the above combination. I can now control my headaches with Advil.

Dog Lovers: You may not have to put your favorite pet to sleep, because he has hip dysphasia, or any condition
where that pet can hardly get around. Sprinkle MSM crystals on his food or water or shove a tablet down his throat.
Sounds a little cruel. I’m really not. Allow a little time and you may find your favorite friend able to get around again
and many times very well.

MSM and Vitamin C appear to have a significant impact on Type 2 Diabetes and may help with Type 1. MSM and
Vitamin C when taken will help regulate your blood sugar. I recently told a friend of mine Ron of my research about
MSM and Vitamin C of which he put himself on for some problems he was having. Ron shared the information with
another friend of ours Pat Campbell. Pat’s Diabetes was getting out of control. He had bleeding behind one eye and
his blood sugar was running between 150-250 while on his medication. Pat came by to talk to me and I shared some
research with him. Pat advised me, that normal blood sugar is supposed to be around 120. He said when he awoke
in the mornings his blood sugar was running between 180-200. The doctor had him taking 4 pills a day and Pat was
told to take 1 shot each night before bedtime. Pat said he refused to take the shot and decided to try the above
MSM & Vitamin C combination.

To his surprise within a week, when he awoke in the morning his blood sugar was running between 114-120 and
during the day around 140. I also told Pat about several other nutritional supplements, which I have read about that,
also have a significant impact on Diabetes. One of these is a product called Juice Plus. You can check it out on my
wife’s web site Click the products tab and read about the product including the
university studies. Pat checked out Juice Plus and put himself on it. He has now cut his Diabetes Medication by 50%
in the past 6 weeks. I feel Pat’s body will heal itself of the Diabetes if he keeps providing the nutritional support his
body is starving for. Diabetes and most all diseases are a symptom of starvation. Provide your body with the proper
nutritional support and your body, most of the time, will be able to heal its self.

I have also read that many diabetics who have been on the needle 5 or 6 years or more have been able to get their
body to start regulating after about 4 months.
I would say by watching Pat Campbell’s progression that one should watch their blood sugar “very closely” if they
decide as Pat has, to become responsible for their own health. Pat calls me daily, and some days 2 or 3 times a day
telling me about his progress. I have never seen a guy so excited as him. He has now started telling others, with
diabetes, his story. I believe he will beat it completely. Remember it takes more than just MSM & Vitamin C to win the

Allergies to food and pollen can be relieved in as little as 4-5 days. MSM & Vitamin C push the toxins from your body
and are constantly cleaning. Some people are so toxic that when toxins are being pushed from their body, they can
cause headaches, nausea, skin rash, itching or some muscle soreness. Hang in there it should go away as you
detoxify. My son in law John, as well as my friend Christa, are now off all allergy medications. Both had very severe
cases of allergies with Christa taking 2 allergy shots weekly for 15 years. Try it, as I believe you will be pleasantly

Allergic Reactions and Anti Venom:
Information I have read and listened to states that MSM locks up foreign proteins flushing the toxins from the body. It’
s been used on horses when they have been snake bitten, but no one new the type of snake. It has also been used
on domestic animals when they have been bitten from an unknown source. A combination of the MSM Lotion, MSM
& Vitamin C was given with excellent results including a rattlesnake bite on a dog’s nose. Lots of the Lotion was
used. Apparently it neutralizes the foreign proteins.
The information I’ve read also stated that the MSM would stop allergic reactions to bee stings, mosquito bites, flee
bites, black widow spider bites and the brown recluse spider bite.
I have seen the above combination used on spider bites and appears to work quit well.       

Cholesterol is naturally brought under control with the MSM & Vitamin C. You will be surprised. The body cleans out
what it doesn’t need. Worth a try unless you just like taking prescription drugs which just cover up the symptoms of
all disease, and then the diseases just progress and compounds, into more health problems and more drugs. I have
also seen the Budwig Diet using a combination of Flax Seed oil and Cottage cheese reduce cholesterol levels in my
secretary’s mother by over 100 points in 31 days. See and click on the Budwig Diet
for information on how to combine the cottage cheese and flax oil together. It will also provide you the information
on the type of cottage cheese to use and proper flax oil.

Vitamins & Minerals: Many of you take vitamins and minerals daily, but say you don’t notice much difference. Add
MSM and Vitamin C. Many of the vitamins and minerals require a sulfur bond to start working properly.

You cut yourself, do I get a stitch or not? You can put MSM Lotion in the cut and tape it together. The next day you
should find the wound tacked together. I am not advising you to do this, but it’s an option. The sharing of
information, isn’t it nice? God I love these computers for passing on information.

Sore Muscles are created when you have over worked them. It creates a lactic acid build up. MSM & Vitamin C
neutralizes it and stops the pain so good many times you don’t realize how hard you worked the day before. It has
happened to me. Works great on me, especially after a hard work out at the gym. Next day little or no pain.

Bone Spurs, they say will go away in a matter of a month or so I guess depending on how bad they are. That’s what
they say. I don’t know for sure.

Gum Disease: People who have gum problems have been able to get their gum disease back under control using
Vitamin C and MSM, in many cases alleviating it altogether.
It’s worth a try.

I have done my best in passing this information to you. How you use it is totally up to you or your doctor. If this
information helps you or a loved one, please pass it on. Any feed back from anyone using these (2) products for a
health problem would be appreciated and shared with others.