My Protocol

When I became health challenged in 2001, I knew from research that
symptoms of disease were indications the Inner Terrain of my body was out
of balance.

Dr Robert Young Ph.D., in his book (Sick and Tired), stated, “imagine your
blood stream and the inside of your body as a landscape or terrain. Many
things come into play, but most important is the chemical balance between
acid and alkaline conditions in blood and tissues. When they meet, they
cancel each other out. However, it is easy and common for body tissues to
become too acid. This imbalance sets the stage for chaos. (As we will see,
this “chaos” is an entirely natural and orderly process when life is ending, but
gets set in motion prematurely).”  Dr Young went on to say, “There are no
enemies or specific diseases to fight. There is only the consequence of
balance or imbalance”.

After having watched Dr Lorraine Day’s tapes, and reading Dr Young’s
book, I knew that drugs, chemotherapy and radiation would not bring the
Inner Terrain of my body back into balance. I saw what had happened to my
parents and grandparents. The quick medical fix had only manipulated their
disease and the underlying conditions worsened.   

I knew if I provided my body with the proper nutrition that it needed, my body
would re-balance and heal itself. The following is the gentle, non-toxic
protocol, which I chose to use.

1.        The first step I took was to purchase a Champion Juicer from my local
health food store. You will find there are many different models of juicers on
the market and some are better than others. Do a little research on your own
to find which one best suite your needs. Most juicers come with instruction
and recipe books.

2.        I followed a vegetable-juicing regimen similar to Dr Day. I used a
combination of 10% carrot and 90% green leafy vegetables. The other
vegetables I used were spinach, kale, chard, collard greens, celery,
cucumber, beets, or any other vegetables of your choice. I made fresh
vegetable juice each day. I drank eight, 8oz glasses of fresh vegetable juice
daily and stayed on a vegan diet for over a year. After that time I returned to
only a few small portions of chicken and turkey. One word of caution; it has
been said to juice your vegetables and eat your fruits. Juicing fruits creates a
high content of sugar. Some cancer researchers believe that fruits should not
be consumed during this time of your health challenges.

3.        I went to a Colon Hydro Therapist for a colon cleansing. I knew that I
must get the toxins out of my colon so the good nutrients could be absorbed.
I had this done once a week for several months. I then tapered off to once
every three or four months. Not only did I do the colon cleansing, but also a
small intestine cleanse. I used okra pepsin E3 in capsule form for several
months. This helped eliminate the mucous lining inside my small intestines.
The small intestines produce a secretion that activates the enzymes
produced by the pancreas. These are the enzymes that dissolve cancer
masses and tumors. One other thing that I didn’t do, but would have been a
good idea, was a liver and gallbladder flush. The research information on the
colon cleansing, small intestine cleanse and liver and gall bladder flush came
from Dr William Kelly’s website . Click on and read the
book, One Answer to Cancer, which describes in detail the above

4.        A friend with stage III lung cancer first introduced me to a whole food
nutritional supplement. I knew the importance of whole food nutrition and
juicing was not always possible.  Remember at this point and time I had
switched to a vegetarian diet. The supplement complemented this diet as it
provides 17 fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, minerals,
phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes which are actually delivered into
the blood stream. The sugars have been removed so it is safe for diabetics.
This product works at the cellular level. It significantly increases blood
plasma levels of key antioxidants. After 80 days of use, researchers have
found the supplement to significantly improve the immune systems, T-cells, B-
cells and natural killer cells. During this same time frame, the supplement
reduced damage to DNA by 66%. I believe, next to actually juicing, this
supplement to be the most important product I take daily.  It should be taken
with an 8oz glass of water. I gradually worked myself up to taking 4 capsules
of each daily and then to six capsules of each. I am aware of several people
with terminal cancer that have used this product in place of juicing by using
as many as (10) vegetable blend capsules, (10) fruit blend capsules and (6)
berry blend capsules daily for ten months. They took 2 - 3 capsules every two
hours with an eight to ten ounce glass of water. One should be aware that
your body will likely detoxify. In my case, my arms and legs broke out in a
rash, but went away in a couple of weeks. My body was releasing the toxins
through my skin. Some symptoms of detoxification are skin rashes, fever,
nausea, diarrhea, headaches and flu like symptoms. These are good signs
because the toxins are leaving the body. To recieve additional information
and to order this product, please email me at

5.        In addition to the fruit and vegetable supplement, I chose to use the
liquid vitamin and mineral supplement, Vibe. Cancer patients and others with
chronic disease have been found to be severely deficient in vitamins and
minerals. Most vitamin and mineral supplements digested by your body
digest partially or don’t digest at all. The particle sizes are too large to be
absorbed into your cells. Vibe, being a liquid, contains not only vitamins and
minerals that are essential for rebuilding your health, but includes the extracts
from berries, green tea and aloe vera. This product contains angstrom size
particles with a negative charge, which are easily absorbed into the cells. I
found the whole food supplement  and Vibe to compliment each other and
still continue to use them daily. I take two ounces of Vibe each day. Some
people with chronic health problems work their way up to four ounces of Vibe
daily. The link for additional information and to order this product can be
found in the
Products section of my home page.

6.         I started on two products from InnerLight called SuperGreens and
Prime PH. SuperGreens are a combination of 49 organic grasses, sprouted
grains, green vegetables and high frequency minerals. Prime PH helps your
blood absorb the oxygen from the water more easily. It is an oxygen catalyst.
These two products work together to alkalize, energize, and nourish your
cells as they balance your bodies PH level. I ordered the starter kit from
InnerLight, which contained the two products and a liter water bottle. I started
by using 16 drops of Prime PH in one liter of water with 1/4 teaspoon of
SuperGreens. I gradually built the SuperGreens up to 1 teaspoon.
Sometimes I would use a lemon or lime in my greens for taste.  I drink 2 to 3
liters daily. A word of warning about water. I had an R/O filtered water system
installed under my sink. I did not believe my body could heal itself properly if I
continued to drink tap water. I believe tap water is a major source of toxins
and especially the chlorine in the water. It has been said that a person should
consume half his body weight in ounces of water daily. The link for additional
information and to order this product can be found in the
Products section of
my home page.

7.        The next product I started was Vitalzym. This product is a systemic
and digestive blend of enzymes. Enzymes are the life force in your body and
help ward off diseases and viruses. They take part in the repairing of
damaged genes and digestion of food. I found Vitalzym to be one of the
most powerful enzyme blends on the market today.

Enzymes are involved in just about every chemical activity in the body.
Systemic Enzymes have 5 primary actions through out the body.

A.        Enzymes fight inflammation and relieve pain and swelling.

B.        Enzymes eat fibrosis. The first thing the body does when it suffers a
wound is to shoot fibrin to the wound. The body knows the ideal amount of
fibrin needed for the wound and enzymes eat away the excess unless you
don’t have enough enzymes. In this case the tissue grows through the fibrin
creating nasty scarring and fibrin build up. Abdominal surgeries are a good
example, as this type of surgery can create a great deal of fibrin build up
causing strangulation of the bowels. Enzymes remove excess scar tissue
(fibrin) from surgeries and wounds. As your body gets older age 27-35   
adequate enzyme levels drop and the body needs to be supplemented.  
Enzymes protect against cancer by dissolving cancer masses, tumors, non-
living tissue, blood clots and cysts. Cancer cells have a fibrin coating
seventeen times thicker than a normal cell. Enzymes help to dissolve away
this fibrin coating. Dr William Kelley said it best, “We take into our bodies
such large quantities of foods, which require pancreatic enzymes for their
digestion, that there are no enzymes available for cancer digestion”. Dr
Kelley also stated, “A cancer patient must control his cancer the rest of his
life by diet and protein digesting enzymes”.

C.        Enzymes are blood cleaning. The blood is not only the river of life but
also the river of garbage. The blood not only brings nutrients and oxygen to
our tissues but washes away all the metabolic waste and dead debris. If the
liver is unable to clean the blood on the first pass through the body due to a
lack of enzymes the blood can get sticky and thick like catsup or yogurt.
When enzymes are then supplemented the first thing they will do is eat away
at the excess fibrin and debris in the blood. This is what the body was trying
to get rid of but the liver was not able to digest. The liver can now process
this debris to the portal vein, bowel and out the rectum. The blood will then be
substantially different with less platelet aggregation (sticking together of
blood cells) and reduced levels of arterial plaque in the arteries. This in turn
protects against stroke by improving blood flow and cardiac function.

D.        Enzymes are immune modulating. If the immune system is operating
to low they will help to bring the immune system back up. Enzymes help to
improve the white blood cells ability to kill many of the nasty bugs we get.
They also increase the natural killer cells the immune system creates.
Enzymes try to restore the homeostatic state. Enzymes are adaptagenic and
if the immune system is cranked up to high as in autoimmune conditions then
enzymes will down shift the immune system. Enzymes will then eat away the
antibodies that the immune system is creating to attack its own tissue.

E.        Enzymes help to kill viruses or better put, help to render viruses inert.
Enzymes appear to degrade the exterior protein covering of the virus
preventing the virus from obtaining an isoprene bond with the cells of your
body. This renders the virus inert. Simply put, enzymes help prevent viruses
from attaching to your cells. It appears that by using a substantial amount of
systemic enzymes a person can lower their viral load to the point where you
will hardly ever get sick.  I decided after reviewing the research information
on enzymes that the best protocol for me was to use an enzyme blend. I
started taking 3 capsules of Vitalzym 30-45 minutes before each meal and 3
capsules before bedtime. Over a short period of time I increased the amount
to 5 capsules before each meal and 5 before bedtime. Many cancer patients
add additional enzymes between meals. My research revealed that most
cancer patients were taking between 20-40 capsules per day. I also found
enzymes to be non-toxic. The only warning I found on taking enzymes was if a
person is on blood thinners they should not take an enzyme blend. The link
for additional information on Vitalzym, and to order the product can be found
in the Product section of my home page. Dr Wong also has an excellent
article on enzymes in the Vitalzym link.

8.        The next product I started was Ambrotose made by Mannatech. This
product is Glyconutrients. They are the eight essential Carbohydrate
Monosaccharides often referred to as Super Carbohydrates. These
Glyconutrients are the essential sugars that your body needs. They are not
sugar as you may think of sugar. They are derived from healing plants. They
are not burned or digested. Glyconutrients go directly into the cell and are the
structural building blocks of that cell. They allow cell-to-cell communication,
function, and protection. They assist in DNA replication and Immune system
support. I started at ¼ teaspoon three times a day. Over a short period of
time I increased to one teaspoon three times a day. I used this product for
about one year. To order 100 gram Ambrotose from Mannatech call 1-800-
281-4469 and provide reference #771952.

9.        The next product I started was Coral Calcium - marine grade. This
product contains Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-D, Zinc, Selenium, and over
70 other trace minerals from the ocean. When a coral product is taken the
absorption of these alkaline minerals raises the PH and increases the
oxygen content of tissues. The rising oxygen levels in tissues containing
cancer cells make it difficult for the cancer cells to survive. Having your body
at the proper saliva PH level of   7.3 - 7.4 helps to create healthy cells and
prevent disease. I took two capsules three times a day. The link for
additional information, and to order the product can be found in the Product
section of my home page.     

10.     The next product I took was MSM. This product originates in the ocean
and reaches the human food chain through rainfall. It is a natural sulfur
compound found in all living things. It is one of the prominent compounds
found in our bodies, just behind water and sodium. The body needs MSM for
proper function of the immune system, enzyme activity, hormone balance,
healthy connective tissues and joint function. MSM helps to quickly relieve
pain and allow for better movement. Numerous articles and books indicate
that MSM taken with Vitamin C work together synergistically and may help
improve many health problems such as Allergies, Asthma, Emphysema,
Lung Dysfunction, Arthritis, Skin Problems, Cancer, Stomach and Digestive
Track Problems, Circulation, Cell Osmosis and Absorption. MSM appears to
inhibit muscle spasms, increase blood flow and oxygenates the blood so red
blood cells can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. I took three
1000mg tablets of MSM daily, one tablet with each meal. I also took 1000mg
of vitamin C daily. The brand of MSM which I take, is Natural Balance made
by Lignisul. There are inferior grades of MSM, so be very careful to purchase
a quality grade. For a good article on MSM go to
com/cancer/msm.html. The article talks about using MSM, Vitamin B-12 and
Vitamin C as a cancer treatment. I found there to be plenty of Vitamin B12 in
the liquid vitamin and mineral supplement Vibe, which I take daily. MSM and
Vitamin C can be purchased at your local health food store.

11.     The next product I used was Dr Jordan Rubin’s Garden of life product;
Primal Defense-soil based organisms. This is a natural whole food probiotic
blend of HSOs (Homeostatic Soil Organisms) that are designed to optimize
the health of the human digestive tract and immune system. They work inside
the intestines to dislodge accumulation on the walls and flushing out waste
and toxins. They break down hydrocarbons and have a unique ability to split
food into the most basic elements, allowing almost total absorption through
the digestive system. They produce specific proteins that act as antigens,
encouraging the immune system to produce huge pools of uncoded
antibodies. This increased production of antibodies may significantly boost
the bodies’ ability to ward off disease. I purchased this product at my local
health food store and used as the directions indicated. I took this product for
about three months.

12.     The next product I used was Apricot Seeds. My research revealed that
apricot and peach seeds contain almost 2% of Vitamin B-17 by weight.  The
seeds of apples, plums, prune and cherries also contain Vitamin B-17, as
well as the simple cereal millet and buckwheat. Vitamin B-17 is also found in
lima beans, butter beans, mung bean, bamboo shoots, and certain strains of
garden peas. Dr Krebs (the scientist who discovered B-17) asserts that
taking seven or more (raw) apricot seeds per day will make it impossible to
develop cancer in one’s lifetime. He believes that the absence from our diet
of Vitamin B-17, or nitrilosidic foods, accounts for the fact that cancer in our
society is now occurring in one of every three people. Some researchers say
cancer is occurring in one of every two people. Dr Krebs pointed out another
good comparison is the fatal disease (Scurvy), which killed thousands of
people and is now totally prevented, and cured by Vitamin C or ascorbic
acid.    I have read many testimonials of cancer patients who have taken
apricot seeds. They indicated they were taking 20 to 30 seeds a day. Many
were also taking Vitamin B-17 tablets and some Laetrile injections, which I
understand to be the extract from the seeds. I did not see the need for me to
take the tablets or injections, but chose to take the seeds. I started taking 4
to 5 seeds daily and worked my way up to 20 seeds per day. To activate the
seeds fully the research indicated they must be chewed well before
swallowing. I found them to be a little bitter but tolerable. I stayed on this
regimen for about a year and a half and then lowered it to the maintenance
level of seven a day. For testimonials of people using apricot seeds to treat
cancer, see Then click under the heading (our cancer
success stories). Some of these cancer stories are absolutely amazing.
While in this website check out the Jason Vale story.  A very interesting book
to read is World Without Cancer, by G Edward Griffin. You can order organic
raw apricot seeds from Meadow Brook Natural Foods. The cost is about
$8.00 a pound plus shipping. They are located in Mount Grove, Missouri and
can be reached by phone at 1-417-926-6614. They do not have a website.

13.     The next product I took was Udo’s Choice Oil Blend. This blend is rich
in (omega-3 fatty acids) and contains the proper balance of omega 3’s, 6’s
and 9’s. There are certain fats that are defined as essential because: 1. The
body cannot make them: 2. They are required for normal cell, tissue, gland
and organ function for health and life: 3. These oils must be provided from
outside the body through food or supplements: 4. They can come only from
fats (a fat free diet can not provide them): 5. Their absence from the diet will
eventually kill: 6. Deficiency results in progressive deterioration and can lead
to death: 7. Return of essential fatty acids to a deficient diet reverses the
symptoms of deficiency and results in return to health  

After reading of the importance of the essential fatty acids in our diets, I
started taking one tablespoon per day of the Udo’s Oil. I built up to 3
tablespoons a day. In some cases of Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and
Aids, people are taking as many as 10 tablespoons per day depending on
the severity of their health challenge. Udo’s Choice Blend Oil can be
purchased from your local health food store. The above information was
taken from the website This website will also
provide you with the following additional information on essential fatty acids:  

What are the functions of essential fatty acids?

What happens when we don’t get enough good fats?

How does the body distribute essential fatty acids?

Why is Udo’s Choice Oil Blend so effective for health?

What is the maximum advisable dose of your oil blend?

How much of your oil blend should we give to children?

Why are there no EPA and DHA in your oil blend?

Where do we find good fats?

How much good fat should we use?

Does a woman’s need for essential fatty acids increase during pregnancy?

When talking about omega-3 fats lets not forget about fish or fish oil. Dr
Mercola states in his newsletter “omega-3 in fish is high in two fatty acids
crucial to human health, DHA and EPA. These two fatty acids are pivotal in
preventing heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases”. Dr Mercola
also pointed out that intake of omega-3 helps in prevention of depression
and Alzheimer’s disease and in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

I did not initially use fish oil when I first started on the road to regaining my
health, but have added some into my diet. I presently use the Carlson’s brand
of cod liver oil and fish oil. This product appears to be rigorously tested for
purity and potency.  I am presently using the cod liver oil capsules during the
winter months and their fish oil in the summer months. This product can be
purchased from your local health food store. For more information see
www. .

14.     Immupro is another nutritional product that several of my friends with
cancer have been using with good results. This nutritional supplement
appears to be a very good immune system enhancer. This product has
several natural Phytoprotective nutrients that appear to impact the bodies’
immune system by mobilizing it against various forms of cancer, coronary
disease and infections. The people who I know, that are presently using this
product are taking six capsules a day. I have listed below several of the
nutrients that are in the product Immupro, with a little information on each.
You will find the following information very interesting.

A. Graviola: This tree grows in the Amazon and is referred to as the healing
tree. Parts of this tree, including bark, leaves, roots, fruit and seeds, have
been used for centuries by native Indians in South America in treating heart
disease, asthma, liver problems, and arthritis. In 1976 a plant-screening
program was conducted by the National Cancer Institute and found that the
leaves and stem of the Graviola showed active cytotoxicity against cancer
cells. Its leaves and stem were effective in attacking and destroying
malignant cells. All testing appears to have been done in vitro (in test tubes).
No human trials have been conducted, other than testimonials of people
taking this product.  

Other promising and on going research at Purdue University supported by a
grant from the NCI, found that leaves from the Graviola tree killed cancer
cells “among six human cell lines” and were especially effective against
pancreatic, breast, lung, colon and prostrate cancer cells. For more
information see the Health Sciences Institute website.

B. Ellagic Acid: This is a natural occurring plant phenol found in various
berries, pomegranate and other more exotic plants. Studies have shown it
appears to be an effective inhibitor of cancer cell growth. Ellagic Acid also
inhibits the ability of other chemicals to cause mutations in bacteria and acts
as a scavenger to bind cancer-causing chemicals, making them inactive. It
also prevents binding of carcinogens to DNA and reduces the incidence of
cancer in cultured human cells exposed to carcinogens.

C. Sulforaphane: Studies have shown that sulforaphanes, found in broccoli,
cauliflower and some other vegetables, prompts the body to make an
enzyme that prevents tumors from forming. These sulforaphanes that contain
isothiocyanate derivative helps mobilize the human body’s natural cancer-
fighting resources and reduces the risk of developing cancer.

D. Beta Glucan: This product is extracted from the cell wall of bakers yeast
and is most effective in activating and supporting the immune system; it
becomes supercharged. Beta Glucan binds to tiny activating receptors found
on the surface of macrophages, granulocytes, and natural killer cells (a group
of specialized white blood cells called phagocytes that eat invaders). The
activated phagocyte devours invading microorganisms, tumor cells, dead
body cells, mutated cells, and infected cells. The link for additional
information and to order the product can be found in the
product section of
my home page.

15.  One of the most important things I did was to exercise daily by walking
outside with weather permitting. Exercising regularly improves oxygenation
of the body. Getting outside in the sunlight helps restore ultraviolet light which
is critical to the body in raising Vitamin D levels. This allows more absorption
of the alkaline minerals that your body needs.    

I would like to point out here that several of my friends with advanced terminal
cancer, stage III and stage IV, have started with protocols similar to the one
that I used. In most of their cases they had time, to first build up their bodies
nutritionally, before adding an advanced alternative cancer protocol to their
nutritional protocol. In some cases of advanced fast growing stage IV cancer,
a person may find that they will have to start the Advanced Cancer Protocol
first, and build up nutritionally as they go.  Please click on the
Cancer Protocols tab on my home page and you will find information on
several of these protocols.

The last point in My Protocol that I would like to make is the most important.
Without my faith in God it would have been impossible to make the diet and
lifestyle changes I needed to heal myself. God does not want us to be sick,
but I believe we must take some of the responsibility in order for us to heal.

He created our bodies to live on whole and raw foods. When we continue to
put junk food into our bodies, our bodies cannot function correctly and this
results in disease. I believe when we follow his word as written in the bible,
and eat properly like he instructs us our bodies will heal themselves.

Our mind, body and spirit work together. We cannot get well until we nourish
all three.

Disclaimer: The above protocol I used for myself is for informational purposes only. The entire content of my
website is based on my opinion and research, unless otherwise noted. In the event you chose to use this or a
similar protocol you may want to talk to your doctor or qualified health care professional first. The information I
have provided in my website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information and is not intended, as
medical advice. I would encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research
along with your doctor or health care professional. Products (or their distributors) mentioned on this site do not
make any claim to any specific benefits that might be achieved by using them. This information is not specific
to any company’s products. Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. The
entire risk as to the use of this website is assumed by the user.  
My Protocol