Product Ordering and Information
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VIBE™ is the most comprehensive answer to the body's need for life-giving
nutrients. This "all-in-one" supplement provides a convenient, great tasting,
economical, and powerful way to receive balanced nutrition for vibrant living. A
be found.
InnerLight Inc. is one of the world's leaders in providing proprietary, cutting
edge Health and Wellness solutions.
Vitalzym™ provides the enzymes needed for each of the millions of
biochemical reactions that make life possible. Without enzymes, life could
not exist
IMMUPRO™ is a comprehensive antioxidant formulation containing
several natural phytoprotective nutrients which have been extensively
shown in research centers and universities worldwide to have the potential
of positively impacting the body's immune system by mobilizing it against
various forms of cancer, coronary disease and infections.